The Big Forever

“The Big Forever” was directed by Robert Glassford and Timo Langer in 2006. Amongst others, it is influenced by visionary films like Jean-Luc Goddard’s “Alphaville”, Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” and Alex Proyas’s “Dark City”.
Another great inspiration for the film was filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez concludes his book “Rebel without a Crew” by challenging fellow filmmakers to be scary and in doing so, he ironically takes away a lot of the scare surrounding the filmmaking process. Anything seems possible.
Glassford and Langer wanted to give that a try and set out to make a technically challenging film with virtually no money (well, in the end they spent £200). The script The Big Forever written by David Cairns was singled out by the directors because it provided the necessary set up for the kind of visual endeavour they had in mind.
The film is realized with the help of friends and shot in the streets of their hometown Edinburgh, UK. After they had reached final cut Langer and Glassford approached ingenious composer Clint Mansell to see whether he would be interested in scoring the film. After some brain comparisons and love exchanges he agreed to write an original score for the film which made the directing duo pee their pants with excitement. What a treat. The cherry on top.