Timotheus ueber Timo:

Timo is a Director and Editor. He likes film and filmmaking a lot. So much so it’s been rumoured he says silly things like:
“Certain films felt like such a partner growing up…”.
What nonsense.

In 2008 Timo started working with Mark Cousins and has been editing his films ever since.
Festival screenings of their collaboration include Venice, Telluride, Sundance, Toronto, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, SXSW and Cannes. The films won many awards including the European Film Award, Peabody Award, Prix Italia and Golden Eye Documentary prize at Cannes.

Timo wrote and directed his first feature drama I am Anna in 2017 which won
Best Screenplay at the Director’s Cut Film Festival as well as the Golden World Award at the World Film Awards and was selected by film festivals in North America, Europe and Asia.

It’s stupid to list things in order to impress I feel.
What is it?
The lineage of gratified desire?

Guess so. Please visit imdb to see what else Timo has been working on.

I want to briefly talk about one film though. In 2012 Timo worked with Mark Cousins on What is this Film called Love? where Cousins spends three days in Mexico City and as he does not know what to do with his time he starts talking to Sergei Eisenstein.
A conversation develops and a film is born.
I like the film very much. It’s a world view. One world view but you can compare it to your own and see where it leads you. I wanted to mention this one because I like films with world views. Let’s you figure out where you stand and what you think. That’s what I love about filmmaking the most. Learning about how someone else sees the world.

But enough cock-a-doodle-do.

Thank you