Timotheus ueber Timo:

Timo Langer (*1978) is a Director and Editor currently living in Edinburgh, UK. He likes film and filmmaking a lot. So much so it’s been rumoured he says silly things like “…certain films felt like such a partner growing up”.

Timo started writing and directing short films in the late 90s and then began working as an editor.

In 2009, Timo followed director Mark Cousins to the north of Iraq to make the film
“The First Movie” about the relationship between children, cinema and war.

The film played in over 100 Film Festivals. It also won the prestigious Prix Italia award the same year and was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA.

In 2011, he edited “The Guga Hunters of Ness” for Mike Day. The Eye for Film called it “… poetic, haunting, its beautiful imagery making it hard to look away”.

Timo then edited Cousins’s epic “The Story of Film – An Odyssey”, a 15- hour history of cinema.

The New York Times wrote: “Elegiac and celebratory, passionate and sceptical…the place from which all future revisionism must start.”

It won the Peabody Award and was honoured by Michael Moore at the Traverse City Film Festival: “We’re gonna watch it all our lives!”

It sounds stupid listing what someone has worked on in order to impress. Maybe it’s time to stop. Is it important? Is it about what one desires? The lineage of gratified desire?

Guess so. Oh well.

In 2012 Timo worked with Mark on What Is This Film Called Love? where Cousins spends three days in Mexico City and as he does not know what to do with his time he starts talking to Sergei Eisenstein. A conversation develops and a film is born.
Again it was very well received and screened in many places. I like it very much. It’s a world view. One world view but you can compare it to your own and see where it leads you. I wanted to mention this one because I like films with world views. Let’s you figure out where you stand and what you think.

But enough cock-a-doodle-do.

Mark and Timo decided, despite their differences in humour and musical taste, to continue to make things together. Their working relationship continues to produce films which are shown all over the world and have been selected by film festivals including Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Venice, Toronto, Telluride, Edinburgh and London.

Timo also directed some short films in the early 2000s which screened in North America, Asia and Europe. He made his feature drama debut in 2017 with “I am Anna” which won Best Screenplay at the Directors Cut Film Festival in Canada and The Golden World Award at the World Film Awards in Indonesia.

For the full list of things Timo has worked on please visit » IMDb

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